Monday, February 21, 2011

The "Radio" and "Carnivum"

Say what? The Katy Rodeo and Carnival are coming this week. Around these parts they're known as the Radio and Carnivum. CRG has been looking forward to this for a long time. Last year, he was sick when everything came to town so we missed it. I'm warning everyone now....he's been training for the stick horse race for two years now. What have you done lately to become a champion?

This past weekend was pretty un-eventful. CRG had baseball practice and I was able to rake about a quarter of our back yard. How is that we only have one little tree, but our whole backyard is full of leaves. Oh yeah, thanks neighbors. Is it kosher if I rake them in piles and put them over the fence? I mean, I'm just giving back what is rightfully theirs...right?

Speaking of neighborly neighbors....does anyone have experience with neighbor dogs who don't quit barking? Seriously, they never stop. Never. Do I buy bark collars, put them on their door step, then ring and run? It's to the point we don't like to let our dogs out because WWIII happens at the fence. Suggesstions?

Thanks for listening. Don't worry, I'll make good on that picture promise real soon. Don't be too greedy, you just got 3 posts in less than a weeks time.

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  1. In Bakersfield, one of the neighbors next door had a goat. Thankfully, they moved as soon as we discovered this.