Thursday, December 17, 2009

In case you haven't heard it......

It snowed in Katy. How about that? CRG had a great time playing in the foreign substance and it made a great opportunity for a unique Christmas card.

The Fam.
CRG and Pa Pa
Dec 4, 2009
We hope that everyone else who was not accustom to our wintery mix had a fun time as well.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanks for Thanksgiving

Almost a week later, we sit down and rewind the long weekend that was Thanksgiving. It's always nice to get the whole family together and just relax. Thanksgiving done right definitely includes eating more than you should and leaving one Thanksgiving dinner to head to the next. We always start the day by eating with my family, then end the day by eating with Katy's family. That being said, we enjoyed great food and more importantly great company.

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From Collages

Friday morning, myself and 15 other guys thought we could be 18 again. A flag football game was organized and played -with no injuries- to the best of our abilities. Team red won 6-4 over team yellow. I completely forgot that you use completely different muscles when you try and do something like this. At least 15 other guys were also sore the next day...

After a quick shower the fam met up with Katy's sister Beth, cousin Tracy(home from NYC) and their moms at Pappasito's. I took the boys home for an afternoon of more football (just watching this time) while Katy and the rest of the girls saw The Blind Side.

Saturday was spent with more friends and family eating too much and watching football. Katy and I, along with my G-pa and sisters, Brad and Jill, and his family took in the Katy vs. LaPorte high school football playoff game. Katy pulled out a 37-3 win to advance to the state quarterfinals this Saturday. Friday was Miriam's (my sister) birthday. After the game on Saturday, everyone flocked to my mom's house for more food and celebrations. Happy 17th birthday Miriam!

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From Collages

To tell you the truth, most of the weekend was a blur. I don't really remember doing anything on Sunday, but I do recall being very tired. I can't believe that it's almost Thursday, Thanksgiving came and went and Christmas is a little more than 3 weeks away. The neat thing about Thanksgiving, is we don't have to wait for one day in November to remind people what we are thankful for. It's something we should remind our loved ones every day. My grandmother told me the other day that she knew that I would be rich...and it would come sooner than later. I quickly realized that I already am. I have two amazing boys and wonderful wife who make me smile every day. I am thankful.