Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Katy's Ranch Weekend

Katy spent last weekend at the Rockin Box Ranch with her Dad and the boys. Enjoy the pics!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Funday!

We have a lot of ground to cover today....

Our weekend started last Thursday. We took the boys to the annual City of Katy Christmas Tree Lighting at Katy Heritage Park. The boys had a great time walking (strolling) around the park, listening to Christmas carols and seeing Santa Claus. This is the first time that CRG did not cry when he saw Santa. He now calls him "Ho Ho".

Boys strollin' around.
Fiber optic snowman that CRG loved.

Friday morning I left for Oklahoma City while Katy and the boys left for the ranch. For Brad's 30th birthday (I can't believe I hang out with people that old) his wife, Jill, arranged for myself, Don, and Al to head to OKC for a guys weekend filled with food and football....and a few adult beverages too. Al and I decided to make it a road trip. Thanks to Al, I had my first experience at a Buccee's gas station. That place is crazy! We found a great hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint in Gainesville and were nicely welcomed into Oklahoma by a plethora of casinos.

Welcome sign to Oklahoma.

Friday night we went to the OKC Thunder vs. Washington Wizards basketball game and had a great time. The Thunder won 127-108 in a very dunk-filled, exciting game. After the game, we headed back to Bricktown to hang out and grab a couple of drinks.

Brad, Don, me, Al
Check out cool guy in the back.
Saturday was much of the same with some stellar Guitar Hero battles thrown in. Don was the runaway champ...which is saying a lot. Jill has always been far and away, the best Guitar Hero Rocker I have ever seen!
Don and Brad rockin' out.
The end to a great weekend!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Funday!

We're back!!

Friday, we spent the morning/afternoon with the Kaye family. They were in town this weekend for a family wedding (congrats Laura & Matt) and were able to have an extended stay. We met at Peckham Park to let CRG and Mason run around while Taylor and BJG watched. It won't be long before the latter two will be up and chasing their older brothers. Adam & Tab - glad we got to hang out with you for a little while. Have a safe trip tomorrow!

Saturday was a relaxing day for the most part. One of my best friends, James, was in town for a wedding (congrats Laura & Matt =) ), so we got away for a while and went to the Katy vs Stratford HS playoff game. It was great weather and Katy won 49-14. Go Tigers!

After church and grocery shopping both boys had a nice nap to prepare for an evening at Inflatable Zone. Happy Birthday Jaclyn! CRG loves that place. Really, I think he loves going from moonwalk to moonwalk just so we can chase him. He spent time in all 4 moonwalks especially liking the one with 2 basketball goals. If only he could run goal to goal without falling over. It's hard to run with a basketball in hand while Dad is bouncing next to him!!! BJG spent most of the time checking out all the kids running around. Again, another year and BJG will be right behind CRG...bouncing along!

Pics to come later!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Funday!?

Ehh, it just doesn't sound the same does it? Sorry we missed Monday Funday yesterday, but we'll get you caught up now.

Saturday, the fam (Minus BJG) went to the Katy/Cinco Ranch football game at Rhodes Stadium. WOW, what a game it turned out to be! After an early 14-0 Katy lead, CR tied the game at 14 early in the 3rd quarter. CR scored a late TD, but missed a crucial extra point to go up 20-14 with about 3:30 remaining. Katy marched right back down the field to take a 21-20 lead with 1:30 left on the clock. CR's ensuing drive marched them to Katy's 19 yd line with all of 10 sec left. A botched snap game them a 2nd try at a game winning FG, but luckily the kick sailed wide left. We all had a great time and thanks goes to my mom for watching BJG, allowing Katy to attend her 1st Katy game this year.
Josh, CRG, Andrea

CRG and Dad
Sunday was spent lounging around the house doing virtually nothing. Katy and I woke up not feeling well and BJG had a temp of 101.5. It was our day to take snacks to our small group bible study, so Katy spent some time in the kitchen making a yummy Mexican Spinach Dip, oatmeal choc. chip cookies, and caramel popcorn. After I delivered the goodies, we relaxed and played with the boys the rest of the evening.

You can really tell he has a fever, huh?

Monday evening we went to the annual Young Life banquet at the Merrell Center in Katy. Thank you so much Ryan and Amanda for inviting us! This was our first YL experience, but definitely not our last. It's amazing to see the fire for Jesus Christ that is inside these high school kids. If you can, get involved!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beds and Birthdays

So it finally happened....twice. First, CRG climbed out of his pack-n-play yesterday afternoon at my mom's house. She thought he was sleeping while she was cooking in the kitchen....until she felt someone behind her. There was CRG, all smiles of course.

Then this morning. BJG decided to wake up pretty early. After Katy fed and stayed up with him for a while, I took him into the living room so Katy could get a little more shut eye. BJG ended up falling asleep, so I did too. I woke up to my favorite voice saying "Mommy!", "Daddy!". I thought Katy woke up and got CRG out of bed, but I couldn't find him anywhere. I heard it and realized where it was coming I looked up all I see was CRG looking down at me with a big smile.

Daddy: "What happened CRG?"
CRG: "I fall."
Daddy: "From your bed?"
CRG: "Yeah..."

Today is November 3. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! goes out to our niece Avery and our good friend Brad. See you in a few weeks, buddy!

Avery just hangin' around.
Al, Brad, Me, Don. Reunion Tour: Nov '09 - OKC

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Funday!

Wow, where has the year gone? Can you believe it's November already? What a great end to October we had. As you know, Halloween was this past weekend. After enjoying a free meal thanks to Mission Burrito (free burrito with kids in costume) the boys took in a good nap to prepare for a night of fun with family. Katy made a tasty breakfast casserole accompanied by a large fruit tray. Since we never carved the pumpkin I decided to have a little last minute fun carving the honeydew and cantaloupe. After hanging out in the driveway for a few hours we took the boys to a few houses on our street. We struck out on our first two houses, but finally got some candy on our third. CRG enjoyed saying "Happy Halloween" and "Trick-or-Treat" when people answered the doors. He also liked giving candy to the trick-or-treaters, but always had to put one in his bucket too! We had a few surprise guests when my sisters came over dressed up with a friend. BJG had a wardrobe malfunction....turns out he is too big for the costume that CRG wore for his 1st Halloween and fit much better in the costume that CRG wore last year....when he was 1!
Hanging out.
Being chased by Paw-Paw.
My creations.
The pumpkin we never carved.
Aunt Andrea and CRG
BJG before the wardrobe malfunction.
My sisters Miriam and Lauren and their friend Gabby.
After the wardrobe change.
BJG was soooo tired....
...and didn't like the camera flash.
The lion always catches his prey.

Please leave a post with a fun moment from your weekend. We'd love to hear from you!