Monday, June 8, 2009

Astros vs Pirates, 6/7/09

Another day, another Astros game. I took my little sister Miriam to the 'stros game. This was her first game since we took her to opening day last year. We both had a great and time and enjoyed a really fun game. We came really close to catching a foul came 3 rows behind
us and another about 10 rows in front of us. Unfortunately, the second one jumped over the visitors dugout and nailed a lady in the face. She was carried out in a stretcher, but seemed to be okay. She had to have left with a broken nose and whiplash.

The Astros played like a team on fire again, winning 6-4. More importantly, they have now won 7 out of 10.

M. Bourn at the plate.

Tejada ready to inflict some damage.

Miriam's favorite, H. Pence.

My beautiful sister, Miriam.

Us hanging out by the Conoco pump.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Astros vs Rockies 6/4/09

We went to the 'Stros game last night with our friends Tracy and Nathan. As you may know, the 'Stros have been on fire lately winning 5 out of 6 games. Watch out National League, here we come!! The Rockies must have used their fear of the Astros to lift them past the rising 'Stros in a 10-3 Rockies win.

Depsite the fact that we were blown out, everyone had an enjoyable time. Thanks Tracy for making the end of the night exciting! ;)

One of my pet peeves at sporting events is when there is someone sitting behind you who thinks they know EVERYTHING! I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in most things sports, but I won't run my mouth and tell you so. Anyways, there was the guy sitting behind us last night...wearing a Rockies shirt trying to explain certain aspects of baseball to friends. Normally, I won't respond to these morons that state erroneous facts, but last night I had to say something. Seriously, if you're wearing a team's jersey at least know if they play in the National or American League. When my wife is laughing at your baseball knowledge, something went terribly wrong with what came out of your mouth!!

"You see, this game doesn't matter for either team. The only games that matter are divisional games. The Astros and Rockies aren't in the same division or the same league. The Rockies are in the Amerian League and sometimes they travel to the National League to play inter-conference games"
At this point I had heard enough of his rambling nonesense and I had to inform him that no, the Rockies were not in the American League...nor had they ever been, unlike the Milwaukee Brewers.
Thank you for letting me rant. Kevin, Brad and Adam, I know you'll appreciate this.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

San Antonio

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary with a trip to San Antonio over Memorial Day weekend. We stayed at Hotel Valencia,, and would highly recommend it to anyone who may be planning a trip that way. Katy was surprised with a prenatal massage upon check-in that she thoroughly enjoyed. CRG and Dad walked around the courtyard checking out the waterwall/firewall...which was also thoroughly enjoyed! We returned to our room to find 6 chocolate covered strawberries and a plate of fruit thanks to the Davidson family and the hotel staff. CRG and Dad took care of the strawberries very quickly!

After a short walk, CRG enjoyed his first experience at the Riverwalk. Being that close to the water, birds and ducks was completely his style! We had some good Mexican food and hoped to have a nice quiet evening. Someone decided to wake up at 1am, screaming, and made Mom and Dad completely forget about that quiet night. After a brief drive around downtown San Antonio, CRG fell asleep and we made it back to our room we thought. CRG decided after his nap that he was ready to play. Luckily, there was a 42" tv in the room that seemed to catch his attention. Who knew watching the Disney channel from 2-4am could be so relaxing? We do now....

On Saturday, we took CRG to Sea World. He was a complete trooper all day and then decided to pass out before we could even leave the parking lot!! He really enjoyed Clyde and Seamour, the sea lion exhibit, Shamu, and everything else he could lay his eyes on. After resting and showers we went out for another dinner on the Riverwalk. We had a great dinner at Paesanos(, which again, we highly recommend.

After a peaceful Saturday night, an excellent breakfast was had at Mi Tierra's in Market Square. Chorizo and beans were had by all 3 of us....yummm. We brought home empanadas and tres leches, Katy's favorite cake. Overall, we had a great weekend and enjoyed everything.