Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Friendly Visit: Part II

After CRG had his first haircut last Friday afternoon, we met up with friends at Lupe Tortilla, another one of the Papp's favorites. In between a "guacamole" incident with Hailey and Kevin, and Julie spilling water on her pants (for the 2nd time), everyone had a great time. Thanks to Scott and Amy for meeting us Friday night.

After a nice breakfast at Grandma's, we met up with a big group of friends at Saint Arnolds Brewery. Who knew you could have so much fun for $5? Even CRG and Katy had a nice time trying the root beer....and it was good!

Again, after another restful night, us, the Papps, and the Garlands went to the Houston Zoo Sunday morning. Since the Papps were leaving soon, we decided to skip church and be at the zoo as soon as they opened, 9am. Even though it was the last day of Spring Break for many kids, we were very fortunate that there were not a lot of people there that early. The little ones had a good time, as did the big ones! Julie's favorite was definitely the baby giraffe. It was only about 50 days old...unfortunately, it was not very hungry during its feeding time. Sorry Julie! CRG enjoyed watching the elephants get a bath too! After a nice "patio" lunch at Cafe Adobe, we had to hurry home so K-Papp could finish packing and head for the airport. Sadly, Kevin had to head back a couple days before Julie. Someone had to make some money so Julie could stay with us and spend it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Haircut

After we had lunch Friday afternoon, Christopher had his first haircut. It took a long time for this to happen. I've been wanting him to get a haircut for quite a while, but someone (Katy) wasn't ready for his hair to be cut. After much convincing from everyone, she finally agreed to make an appointment. In the first picture, you can still see CRG's curls on the back of his head. CRG did really well the whole time. He never cried or had any issues with someone touching his head. Luckily, there was a little girl about 4 or 5 years old right next to him. He was too busy flirting with her to be worried about his locks. After it was done, Katy was glad that we finally had his hair too!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A friendly visit

We've been lucky enough to have our good friends, Kevin, Julie, and Hailey, in town the last week and a half. We met Kevin and Julie about 3 1/2 years ago at the gym and quickly became good friends. Unfortunately, they moved back to Montana about 6 months ago. Hailey is now almost 8 months old and absolutely adorable!
Upon their arrival to Katy, we made a stop at one of the Papp's favorite food joints, Mission Burrito. After a night filled with burritos, the next day was spent at the Kemah Boardwalk with many friends. We had a nice time hanging out along the water, letting the kids play in the fountain, and of course....eating some good food.

Thursday, we met up with the Papp's again as they began their stay at our casa. That night we went to the Rodeo to see one of our favorites, Pat Green. As always, he put on a fun show!

Friday was a relaxing day, again spent with close friends. We took the Papp's to Mary Jo Peckham Park for a lunch picnic. Hailey thoroughly enjoyed the warm Texas sun. And, when CRG wasn't busy stealing the duck food, he had fun feeding them. We weren't able to play on the playground, but everyone still had a good time. The park was absolutely packed since it was Spring Break and a beautiful day...

the be continued....

Quick update

A quick note to 3 friends who recently had babies. Congratulations Wendy, Tabaitha, and Kelly!

We recently had the pleasure of watching our niece, Avery, for an evening. Avery is 20 days younger than CRG, so they were ready to play! They enjoyed riding around in CRG's wagon, taking rides in CRG's dump truck, and dancing....Avery was getting down in her Red Sox pj's!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

mmm, cookie...

A new Freebird's opened at I-10 and Bunker Hill Wednesday, but Tuesday they had a FREE preview. Not only did they give away free food, but free beer, wine, drinks, cookies, t-shirts and koozies. The next night he decided to take on the cookie.Have you ever had a cookie from Freebird's? They're kind of big, but that didn't matter to CRG. Actually, it's almost as big as his head! I was lucky enough to get a few bites in, but he definitely had more of it than Katy and I expected. He also got pretty excited when he finished it.

Monday, March 9, 2009


This is being posted a few hours early so it will be up all day tomorrow. Needless to say, CRG is very excited for a special visitor next week.

Kevin and Julie, we are also excited that you'll be coming too!

Andrea's soccer match

My sister, Andrea, had her first game of the season Saturday morning. Katy, CRG, and I went out to catch her match on a windy, but beautiful day. They played a tough team that's been together for about 3 years, while my sister's team is in first year. Both teams had opportunities to score, but this game ended up being about defense and ended in 0-0 tie.

CRG had a fun time watching Aunt Andrea play from the coziness of his wagon. He also made friends with an old family friend and their little boy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

An afternoon at the park

It was a beautiful afternoon today so we decided to spend it at the park. Here are a few pics from CRG's day.


Last night CRG was supposed to be winding down after dinner and a bath. I figure, what a great time to try and get some good shots of our sleepy boy. Now that he's a little older, it's not everyday that he likes to snuggle up with you. However, get him tired and relaxed and he'll snuggle all night if you let him.

Instead, I got attacked. He thought that it was funny that I was on the floor, you know his level. He first ran into the camera lens with his green ball.

The following pictures are my account of the vicious attack that took place last night.

After CRG pinned me to the floor, Charlie (our choc. lab) decided to sit on me as well. It was an attack that I did not see coming. Looking back at the pictures I was able to capture I think that it was in fact a planned attack from a cowboy and his revengeful horse. I'll let you form your own opinion after seeing the following picture.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Katy Rodeo

The Katy Rodeo was this past weekend. I'm sure that doesn't mean a whole lot to many of you, but for Christopher it meant that he could enter his first rodeo event....The Stick Horse Race. Let me mention that we have never seen a stick horse race the size of Friday night's. Katy and I have been to many Katy Rodeo's, but this was by far the largest and the longest. Usually, there are about 20 kids racing 15 - 20 yards. This night there were at least 50+ riders and they had to go about half the distance of the rodeo arena. CRG barely made it to the starting line when they said "Go!" Needless to say, he didn't come in last! He was definitely one of the younger competitors in the event. Next year, I have a feeling he'll be ready to run!
Saturday morning, we took CRG to the Katy Rodeo Parade. He enjoyed watching all the horses and firetrucks that came by, but especially liked the idea that people were throwing CANDY at him! It was a windy morning, so we had a bundled and tired little guy by the time the parade was over.