Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BJG turned 1!!! (5 weeks ago)

Like I mentioned in past posts, we have a lot of catching up to do. Why don't we just start from the top. Hello, we're the Garcia's......and you are?

BJG turned 1 on July 23rd. I'd always heard that time flies when you have kids, but I didn't expect it to go so quickly. It seems not long ago, we welcomed CRG to this world....now, he has a buddy to grow up with. BJG's first year absolutely flew by. We're so glad that our friends and family were able to celebrate his birthday with us.

BJG's day started very early with a surprise visit from Grandma. And of course, she couldn't come empty handed. Luckily for us, we didn't have to make breakfast! A gourmet feast of donuts and cinnamon rolls were had by all!! And yes, that's a candle in that cinnamon roll.

Birthday Cinnamon Roll!

Katy decided to make BJG's cake. Well, she has this little motto, "Go big, or go home", and she means it! Katy went way above and beyond this year with her creations. After lots of research, she decided to do an ocean theme with a turtle cake for BJG and an ocean for everyone else. Katy made the cakes on BJG's birthday (Friday) since his party was the next morning. CRG was definitely interested in helping out. For those of you who ate the cake, this next picture was taken after everything was baked....I promise!

The party was lots of fun. The little ones played in a baby pool and on a slip-n-slide. BJG, CRG and their buddies enjoyed the water while we enjoyed watching them.
Turtle, Turtle!
The Beach Cake
Is that cake for me?
The Fam
What do I do with this?
Ohhhh! Fun!!!

Please enjoy out little peek into our world. Hope you enjoyed it!!

BJG's 1st Haircut

Here comes what I hope to be a flurry of blog spots. We're going to try and go in chronological order so today I give you BJG's 1st Haircut.

On June 17, BJG went in for his first hair appointment. Yes, he had an appointment for a cut. Thankfully, we know someone who does hair and is great with our little ones. Thank you Christina!!

BJG's Before Shot with Mom
Be still BJG, be still.
You're going to cut around my ears??!!
So when do I sit under that dryer thing?
Just about done....
Ta Da!! He looks like a million bucks!

Thanks for letting us share a little bit of us with you. Hopefully, this is just the first in a series of new posts. We look forward to hearing from you!!


Has it really been that long since we've let you in to our little world?

Stay tuned.....